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The Gate of Heaven. Isness Recommended Books. We take pride in our wide selection of quality products. All of the products we offer are from trusted brands and can be delivered to you within business days. If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information, please contact us:. This book continues the adventures of Aphraar, as first told in "Through the Mists". This work, is a narrative of singular charm and fascination, and grips the reader from start to finish by its fine imaginative and descriptive power, and its strong sympathetic appeal.

It has well been described as "an occult story of absorbing interest". First published in , it had been reprinted fifteen times by As was the case with the first book, "Through the Mists," the spirit narrators make every effort to reconcile that which Aphraar finds, with what the Bible says. There are a great many Bible references, more than sufficient to qualify this work as being Biblically based, yet the explanations of what occurs after death are greatly at variance with that which orthodox preachers hold to be true.

Nevertheless, the spirit narrators find such references in the Bible as to illustrate that it is not the Bible that is responsible for the current orthodox beliefs. If you are a genuine seeker after Truth, and particularly if you hold the Bible in great esteem, this is a work that you should not miss. Published in , this book contains information of a critical nature to Christians.

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Not only does it explain the importance of the new birth, but it also indicates that this can be achieved post death. It is fortunate that this is the case, because otherwise hardly a single soul would achieve that exalted spiritual state which is a prerequisite to entering the real heavens. It also manages to do all this while quoting extensively from the Bible to support the detailed information Aphraar communicates.

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If Christians studied this book with care, the entire orthodox Christian theology would be turned on its head, and returned to that which Jesus taught. In the period since this initial publication, two other extensive, credible revelations have been published, The Padgett Messages in , and The Urantia Book in I was born and reared in an orthodox Protestant church and until quite recently remained orthodox in my beliefs; that a little more than a year ago, upon the suggestion being made to me that I was a psychic, I commenced to receive by way of automatic writing messages from what was said to be messages from the spirit world and since that time I have received nearly such messages upon many subjects but mostly as to things of a spiritual and religious nature, not orthodox, as to the errancy of the Bible.

Divine Truth | DEAR GOD…

I have not space to name nor would you probably be interested in the great number of the writers of these messages, but among the writers is Jesus of Nazareth, from whom I have received more than messages. I will frankly say, that I refused for a long time to believe that these messages came from Jesus, because God, while He had the power as I believed, would not engage in doing such a thing. But the evidence of the truth of the origin of these messages became so convincing not only from the great number and positiveness of the witnesses, but from the inherent and unusual merits of the contents of the messages that I was forced to believe, and now say to you that I believe in the truth of these communications with as little doubt as I ever believed in the truth of a fact established by the most positive evidence in court.

I wish further to say, that to my own consciousness I did no thinking in writing the messages. I did not know what was to be written nor what was written at the time except the word that the pencil was writing. The great object of these messages from Jesus as he wrote is to make a revelation of the truths of his Father. He asserts that the Bible does not contain his real teachings as he disclosed them while on earth; that many things that he said are not therein contained, and many things that are ascribed to him therein he did not say at all.

And he wants the truths made known to mankind. And I must say that many of these truths which he has already written, I have never before heard of, and I have studied the Bible to some extent. One thing in particular impressed me and that is what the truth is of his bringing "life and immortality to light". The Bible does not state it, and I have not been able to find in any commentaries on the Bible an explanation of it. But enough of this: I merely wrote this to assure you that I am serious in submitting for your perusal the enclosed copy of a message; and I would not do this were it not for the fact that the message comments upon your article and also upon another article in the same issue of the Biblical World.

On the night of December 24, , I read your article and on the next night, Christmas night, I received a writing of which the enclosed is a copy.

You will observe that a portion of the message is personal, but I thought it best to send it as it came to me. And though you may not believe the origin of the message, yet you may find some thoughts therein for your consideration.

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Trusting that you will pardon my intrusion, I will subscribe myself. These messages were received from angelic realms by means of automatic writing through the mediumistic work of James E.

The Gospel of God's Love - Book One, The Padgett Messages

In this second volume the angels continue their communications in wonderful messages of hope and encouragement. Their messages are clear and simple. They reveal the plan for the restoration of the original glory and bliss of mankind. And they also show the possibility each human has of the transformation of the human soul through the continuing experience of the inflowing of Divine Love. Padgett, and is volume three of five. The messages are revelations from the spirit world and remain as contemporary today as when they were first received nearly a century ago.

BOOK OF TRUTHS - Teachings of Jesus & Celestials

This is volume four of 5 books. Altogether the books contain the messages received from angelic realms by means of automatic writing through the mediumistic work of James E. Padgett between and They reveal information such as: the realities of the spirit and soul universe; the qualities and attributes of the Creator; laws of Divine Love and natural Love; qualities of Absolute Truth; understanding the human soul, spirit body and mortal body; soul progression on earth and in the spirit world; spiritual laws such as the law of compensation and the law of attraction; the two paths of spiritual development as first presented by Jesus in the first century, each path resulting in the purification of the soul, but only one path resulting in eternal progression, complete emotional bliss and immortality.

This is volume five of 5 books. While these two volumes do not contain all the messages, they certainly contain every thing of spiritual significance. Because they were created by the F. These volumes can be purchased direct from Amazon or the publisher. This volume has now been translated into German and is available at Lulu. There are also some free formats of this German translation.

This is a specific compilation that traces the life of Jesus through the messages received by both James Padgett and Dr Samuels. It naturally contains messages published in the two volumes above. It also takes an interesting approach, starting with messages about soul mates, something that is consigned to the last volumes of TGRABJ.

This is a modern typesetting, and a modern cover, so it makes it practical as a gift, or an introductory book. It can be purchased from Amazon. If you have one of these older volumes for sale, because we will almost certainly know of someone who could be interested. An errata was also included. There are some errata: errata vol1 in both these volumes. Although not printed within the book, a copy of this book has an advertisement included which indicates that the publisher was Aldershot Publishers, 21st Street, N.

Washington D. And Aldershot is where he was born. This light blue hard cover volume is quite rare. It has pages, and is noted as Vol I internally and has no errata. It uses different printing plates, as the errata have been fixed, and the pages themselves do not start or end at precisely the same word as the first edition. There are three spelling errors that did not exist in the previous set of plates. But as best we know, these plates were never used again. The volume itself has no date of publication, and no publisher is identified.

This hard cover publication has a different title.

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It was published by the trustees of The Dr. Leslie R. Stone Foundation, Inc.

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The address given is P. The last page of contents is , excluding the order details. The main body appears to be identical to the very first edition. This hard cover publication has the more familiar title of soft cover books that can be bought today as published by the Foundation Church of the New Birth, Inc. The contents of this book are available on this site. The last page number is excluding the order details. This hard cover publication is quite rare and has a different title. Internally there is no indication of previous publications, and no indication of which volume this is.

But the contents identify it as a Vol II. It was published by Dr Leslie Stone of 21st St. Washington 6, D. The book listed directly below also has a date of publication, and is the book listed by Dr Stone in the Library of Congress copyright system. He did not list the Book of Truths however. These two books appear to be absolutely identical, except in respect of one inside page, with the book title and in the case of the MFJAC indicates it is a Vol II. It is quite possible this is actually a first edition of Vol II.