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Russell, Bertrand: Metaphysics | Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Born on March 31, , he was dubbed as the Father of Modern Philosophy. His theory on the mind-body dualism, also known as Cartesian Dualism, created a stem of the modern problem of the relationship between the mind and body.

He created the early version to further explain the interaction of the mind and body, to create a firm foundation that can be explained through science. Thomas Nagel — How is it like to be a bat?

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Why does "consciousness" make the mind-body problem really intractable according to Thomas Nagel? He states that consciousness is rarely addressed by reductionists. Because there is no really persuading reduction available, implausible accounts of the mental have been developed to help.

Next, a breakdown on the relevancy of the topics discussed within the book. This analysis considers whether the content is based in empirical science, how the content influences the field of mind-body connection science, and the potential of the information. The author writes about Mind-Body Dualism, which is a theory that the mind and body are two distinct and separate entities.

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This book established a new conception of the mind and provided one of the most original and interesting externalist accounts of knowledge. Drawing upon the writings of psychologists such as William James and John Watson, Russell offers a comprehensive treatment of such considerations as belief, desire, habit, memory, meaning, and causal law. His reasoning formed the foundation for many subsequent theories of mind, as well as a framework for his own later philosophical writings. It remains one of the most important works on the philosophy of the mind.

He was a British philosopher, as well as a logician, mathematician, historian, writer, and social critic.

Bertrand Russell: Metaphysics

He was a political activist and Nobel laureate. His work contributed significantly to the advancement of logic, mathematics, set theory, linguistics, artificial intelligence, cognitive science, and computer science.

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