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Lawsuit says Brooklyn prison violated inmates' 6th Amendment rights during power outage

Outgoing Republican Gov. And, supporters say, counting them in prison-hosting areas gives too much voting power to those districts.

The Slammer Update Winter Prison - Prison Architect #1 - Let's Play / Gameplay

A federal judge agreed in when he declared the commission districts in Jefferson County, Florida, to be unconstitutional. The county — home to the Jefferson Correctional Institution — was divided into five commission districts, each with about 3, voting-age people. District Judge Mark Walker wrote. Even though the states that want to count inmates in their home communities are dominated by Democrats, Levitt said either political party theoretically might benefit from counting inmates where they are.

He was term-limited out of the Assembly in New Jersey may be the next state to act, since a new Democratic governor, Phil Murphy, likely will get a chance to sign the bill Christie vetoed. A Rhode Island bill was tabled for more study in March.

Brilliant: Brazilian prisoners get out early by pedaling exercise bikes to generate electricity

The Connecticut lawsuit notes that most state prisoners come from coastal cities with large black and Hispanic populations, but are imprisoned in lightly populated, mostly white inland areas. Dozens of counties and cities also disregard inmate populations when drawing political lines. Colorado and Michigan have long had laws on the books requiring cities and counties to do that. And Virginia in gave cities and counties the option. In Rhode Island, a federal judge in ruled that the city of Cranston had to ignore about 3, prisoners when drawing six ward districts.

However, an appeals court overturned the decision , saying localities have the same freedom as states to count prisoners. Anamosa, Iowa, switched to at-large council districts in after a burgeoning state prison population left just three voters in a district of 1, people that contained a state prison. A county-employed backhoe operator won election with the write-in votes of two people: his wife and a neighbor.

Right now this appears to only be happening in a small prison in Minas Gerais, Brazil, but this wild-sounding, yet efficient concept is pretty remarkable — especially considering all time inmates normally spend passing time confined in their cells. It is part of a project recently initiated in Brazil which aims to tackle overcrowding in prisons and keep prisoners away from crime. Read next: The Daily's , subscribers are likely far too few to keep it afloat.

Educating Prisoners: The Economic Power of a Second Chance - Education Writers Association

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A prison in Vacaville, California. After the census, California and Delaware will join New York and Maryland in counting prisoners in their home communities rather than in the place where they are incarcerated.

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    Prisoner education is not a panacea. Gove should give governors real power

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