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We removed Norton and reinstalled and then the computer was running at full speed again, also on this machine the customer wanted to transfer photos from a HTC Android smart phone the standard route is via a supplied USB cable but is cumbersome mistakes can be made and connectors damaged, leads lost etc, So for this one we installed Dropbox on the computer and the Andriod smart phone and enabled it to transfer pictures when ever it is logged in to a wireless network to keep the data usage costs down.

Good morning today we are with a customer at Leek wootton in Warwickshire Between Warwick and Kenilworth. We are here because the customer has reported pop ups and other strange adverts on their desktop computer running windows 7. We started by checking the start up files and registry which in this case looked fine then removed any unneeded tool bars such as Babylon, Deal Vault and such like, at this point we had still not found the root cause of the problems and thus suspected a root kit virus which turned up a problem similar to a Trojan Virus that had attached its self to the system files and deeper in to the registry.

Once this malware was removed the pop up adverts had stopped but upon testing Microsoft Internet Explorer was not opening new pages correctly, this required a reset of the browser settings and all was fixed. We are here to fix a Dell Dimension computer that the customer has reported as not working, the fault here is that the computer powers up and then freezes on the BIOS screen. After some investigation we discover that the USB ports on the front of the machine have some how been damaged so we open the computer up and disconnect the ports so to prevent more damage occurring through accidental use, this has got the customer up and running and after a brief check found the main screen was blurry this was found to be an incorrect resolution set and adjusted the screen settings accordingly.

Good morning today we are with a customer at Beausale in Warwickshire between Warwick and Balsall Common. We are here after to set up and install TPlink wireless access points that the customer had ordered after an initial Survey conducted by our selves at the end of last week. The customer is currently running a Solwise wireless mains extender system, The intention is to phase this out and replace with the wireless access points at strategic locations through out the premises on an existing wired network.

Today we installed the 1st TP-Link Wireless access point which allowed full wireless access to the ground floor of the customers premises with a view to installing a second on the 1st floor at a later date.

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Whilst here we connected the customers HP Laserjet mnf network printer to the network and connected it to all the desktop and laptop computers in the premises. Also the customer reported an issue with a Buffalo Terrastation network hard drive, This was reset to factory defaults connected to a laptop and reset up for the customers network, we also mapped the drives to show on one of the desktop computers.

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We installed the Then we installed the HP Photosmart wireless printer on to the customers network and loaded the drivers on to the Apple Mac. In the end the customer was easily able to transfer music between the Apple Mac computer and the iPhone 5 as well as being able to print direct from either to the HP Photosmart wireless network printer. Good afternoon next today we are with a customer at Finham in Coventry between Canley and Willenhall we are here to fix a number of computer problems. Good morning today we are repairing an Acer laptop computer with a customer at Blackdown in Royal Leamington Spa between Milverton and Stoneleigh.

We have been called out here topday because the customer has reported that the Acer laptop computer is not powering up correctly.

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On this one we opened up the computer removed and reseated the memory and the processor and all was working again. Although the machine is working it is very slow this appears to most likely to be the hard drive and due to the costs involved and the age of the computer it has been recommend that a replacement computer would be prudent in the near future.

The Lenovo desktop computer had windows 8 installed and needed to share files with the existing network, All the customers required drivers and software was downloaded and installed including Sage Accounts , Microsoft Office and connected to a Canon ir C Network Printer and connected to the existing network shares. We are here because the customer has just moved offices and after a week of being fine the computers are failing to connect to the internet. We tested the BT broadband and found it top be working correctly 7 Megabit download seemed very good for a village location.

The customers Acer laptop computer required the network stack drivers and settings to be reset and an easier to remove trojan virus was removed by running a malware scan whilst at it we also removed toolbars and other unneeded programs and cleaned up the registry.


Whilst here it was noted that the customer was having troubles with an Android phone Samsung Galaxy Ace , The customer had been complaining it lacked memory and also had been using the included software and a cable to transfer pictures what I suggested was that he should use Dropbox and have that transfer the pictures as the phone comes with only 2 GB RAM we removed any unused programs and installed Dropbox although its a bit slow to upload from the phone after the initial run of 80 photos it seemed to work fine. The customer has reported an issue connecting to the internet and problems on installing antivirus on their Windows Vista Computer system.

The internet issue was intermittent and not obvious to find but whilst trying to repair the other issues on the computer the internet failed and we could here a static noise on the phone to confirm this we swapped the hand set for another the customer had around and the noise disappeared we then continued with the computer and it failed again and the noise returned with the new hand set, we then disconnected the internet and rechecked the noise was still there we then rang the phones service provider and reported this issue as a line noise fault.

This was later repaired by British Telecom and was found to be a fault at the exchange in Leamington Spa. The computer was repaired in a later visit as it had Windows Vista with no service packs required downloads from the internet including the AVG Antivirus Program to complete the job. We have been called in because the customers Dell Dimension desktop computer is not loading Windows XP. Upon investigation it is found that the computer has lost the BIOS settings and to repair this computer all we needed to do is replace the CR battery installed on the main board and reset the settings for the BIOS.

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Good morning today we are with Martin from South Warwickshire electrical services. The intention of this Survey is to provide a plan on how to Install a stable internet service through out the premises Wireless and Wired. At present the router is based in the attic and only services the 1st floor of the house stably, It gives poor coverage and disconnects on the ground floor and does not work at all in the office which seems to me to be a must.

To do this properly it will require four new network cables and sockets to be done before hand by Martin, and my self to install and setup the access points. So we will be back in a few weeks to install the wireless access points and replace the older wireless router that is currently installed. We are here to setup a new Sony Vaio Ultrabook computer installing antivirus software as well as transferring the data from the customers existing laptop computer.

Good afternoon we are currently in Daventry with motivation in motion we are here to update the customers Antivirus to AVG Internet Security and check that the computers are free from malware and viruses one of the laptop computer had a couple of Trojan Viruses which we removed. If you find your iPad is running slow on the internet fix an ip address in the wireless settings the chances are it will show a private network address which means its using the mobile phones network data usage instead.

Good afternoon we are at Wasperton near Wellesbourne in Warwickshire with a customer to repair a Lenovo laptop computer and upgraded the antivirus. Good morning today we are looking at 3 Acer laptop computers and one desktop computer Clinton Lane at Kenilworth near Warwick in Warwickshire. The first machine is an Acer laptop computer running Windows 7 and requires a fake anti virus removing and Avast antivirus installing. The second needs stripping and the hard drive removing as the computer is being disposed off and the hard drive is to be stored as a backup for a few years and eventually smashed up to prevent data theft.

The third Acer laptop needs windows 8 installing Microsoft Office, Avast and other programs installing as well as setting up on the wireless network.

She was summoned to look after her critically ill mother and then became swept up in the pro-democracy movement that had taken to the streets - seeing it as duty calling her when key figures involved in the movement appealed to her to be its head. Ms Suu Kyi and her mother had left Burma together for India in , when her mother was appointed as the Burmese ambassador in Delhi.

The year-old completed her schooling in Delhi and then moved to Britain to read philosophy, politics and economics at St Hugh's College, Oxford.

She said: "I saw this beautiful person on the other side of the room and I thought, 'She's lovely. She was immaculate, always a fresh carnation in her hair.

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The late Lady Patricia Gore-Booth - whose husband had been British ambassador to Burma - became an "unofficial guardian" to Ms Suu Kyi while she was studying at that time. She said: "In the holidays she would come and occupy the flat at the top of the house. As a member of our family she was a very dutiful daughter. She was trained in domestic sciences by her mother and had all the graces of her traditional Burmese manners of bowing slightly before elders.

Ms Suu Kyi met Michael Aris - a scholar of Tibetan culture - through mutual friends and a relationship began to flourish after she had spent some time in New York. Their wedding took place at the Gore-Booth home - also described by Lady Gore-Booth for the documentary. The ceremony took place in our drawing room.

That was contrasted with the ceremony at Hyde Park Hotel afterwards, which was the celebration Western-style. They settled down to married life in Oxford afterwards. Just as Ms Suu Kyi had made that striking impression on fellow students when she arrived at Oxford, now as a couple it was the same. Friends talk of her as charismatic and resolute, her husband proud and protective. They also had to get by on little money and home-building was clearly not always easy. He said it was a "very typical Oxford don's house".

The children were playing on the floor and Ms Suu Kyi was a very gracious host. As Ms Suu Kyi revisits the country that adopted her and where she married and raised a family, one thing is obvious. Burma was never then, nor has been at any other time, far from her mind. Boris Johnson says he "profoundly disagrees" with the judges' decision, but MPs will return on Wednesday. UK selected England N.