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The frontiers multiplied along with the cast of characters.

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The United States Land Commission of remade the map of California, redistributing estates at will. In Texas one wealthy Hispanic family defended its property in the courts for 50 years and lost.

Other Hispanic landowners were shot or lynched. Things worsened with the California gold rush as nationality became an issue. Recent American citizens were excluded from the gold fields after California joined the Union, and they often turned to social banditry as a means of resistance.

Book review: our America: a Hispanic history of the United States by Felipe Fernández-Armesto

People doubted his existence but not his death at the hands of the Rangers. The frontier, he wrote, is a scar because the Rio Grande border is a historical body still alive. Its melancholic genealogy is a matrix of human sacrifice, recycling racism, marginalization and subjection. Cuba, of course, was a colonial dream.

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After American troops left the country in , the United States maintained a puppet government for over 50 years. It is this final comment that may well be just a touch too optimistic — surely the US has not overcome issues of class and creed?

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And certainly the issue of race in the US deserves far more than a sidelined parenthetical comment. It will be and has already been well received by the wide range of audiences it effectively caters to. In last few years there has been burgeoning interest in North American Latinidad in the UK, and more recently, the emergence of groups such as The Salsa Collective and the Radical Americas research network, among many others, attests to this.

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Given my own interests in hemispheric American studies, I find this book to be indispensable. Her previous research focused on the relationship between contemporary American and Canadian poetry, citizenship, and civic acts of reading and her current project traces a literary history of North American citizenship.

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  6. Read more reviews by Zalfa. He says by acknowledging its Hispanic parts and history, Americans will be better able to adjust to having a more equal relationship with their Latin American neighbors.

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