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Aug 06, Barbara rated it did not like it Shelves: nook , ho-hum , mystery. This book was a real jumble of elements.

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The basic premise of a single female renovating a home and finding what she thinks is a dead body buried in the cellar cistern was a good start. But add to the mix the fact that she has a secret past, she's the only one who can "see" the buried body, she picks up strange vibes coming from the basement, and the fact that our heroine is a complete idiot, then the story goes downhill fast.

I've never come across such ridiculous characters. There's the handso This book was a real jumble of elements. There's the handsome British guy with the accent who proposes marriage after one week - Can anyone say "green card"? I couldn't tell at first what genre this story fit into.

I finally decided it's a "Christian-fiction, paranormal, not-so-mysterious mystery. For anyone interested in home renovation mysteries, pick up a Sarah Graves book. I liked the idea of restoring homes in this book and I wish there had been more detail about that.

Because I Can’t Make You Love Me If You Don’t

I also was interested in the conflict that homeowners get into trying to get permits to update old homes without destroying historical features. Main character Tish Amble says she likes "creepy romances" and this book falls into that category when she thinks she sees a dead body covered by not-enough cement in her basement cistern. Her intuition leads her to try to uncover a murder that she believe I liked the idea of restoring homes in this book and I wish there had been more detail about that. Her intuition leads her to try to uncover a murder that she believes the police are not aware of.

But then she stumbles onto a real murder--the body dumped in that very cistern--and Tish spends a few days in jail as a suspect, which also brings to light the fact that she has a murky past: she helped her grandmother commit suicide and served three years in jail for it. This was an interesting story but was unevenly written. Often Tish would move from one emotional state to another without enough transition. For instance, when the details of her past came out, she vowed never to leave her house and face the embarrassment, but after a few days she suddenly decides to run for a position on the city council and goes out knocking on doors.

We needed a transition for her change of feeling. The end was unsatisfying as well--opening up room for a sequel but unsatisfying for me. And I do like a good title, whereas this one didn't tie to the book that I could tell. Love Me If You Must! Sep 12, Cindy rated it did not like it Shelves: books-i-hated. This is quite possibly the worst book I have ever read. Tish is a psycho who jumps to conclusions all the time, with no evidence to back any of it up. I admit, I couldn't even bring myself to read the last 50 pages or so because I was sick of tish.

She is always jumping at her own shadow and changing her mind about other characters ever 10 pages or so. Thank God this book was free on amazon. I would be wicked mad if I actually had to pay for it. I dont know why it was ever published. I almost ne This is quite possibly the worst book I have ever read.

I almost never take the time to write reviews but I am so outraged at the stupidity and ridiculousness of this book that i had to. If I could of given it a half a star, I would of. Aug 22, Laurie rated it really liked it Shelves: light-romantic-drama. I was pleasantly surprised with this book. The main character, Tish, moves around renovating houses and then selling them. With no place to call her permanent home, and questions about her own background, a body is found in the basement of her new house.

She becomes involved in solving the murder with her own life in the balance. This is book one in a series and I have already started book two. I highly recommend this book if you like a modern day mystery with a dash of romance. I do believe thi I was pleasantly surprised with this book. I do believe this book is classified as Christian fiction or should be and it was refreshing to read a book that did not contain cursing or blatant sex scenes.

A first novel by this author. It appears she has written 2 more in this series. The main character has just moved to a new city and has bought a house to remodel and then sell. The author alludes to the possibility of ghosts, seeing the dead, and leads us along about the main character. We know she was somewhere locked up mental facility, jail? It kept up a pretty good pace. Possible murders that happened before she arrived and murders that happened after she got there. Because I didn't solve A first novel by this author.

Because I didn't solve it right away that was a perk also. I liked it enough that I will probably read the next book in the series sometime. Mar 01, Berryparfait rated it really liked it. A great story about how God forgives us of our past and loves us no matter what. Even though the book has a Christian theme to it, the theme is subtle and the author writes an intriguing murder mystery with a small, town feel to it. The story line and characters are great. And the main theme of forgiveness shines through at every corner.

My only issue, is though it had a happy ending But then the slight references to "Casablanca" should A great story about how God forgives us of our past and loves us no matter what. But then the slight references to "Casablanca" should have foreshadowed that. Still a great book. Mar 09, Loraine rated it really liked it Shelves: cozy-mystery , romance. I really liked the twists and turns in this romantic mystery. But things seem to go awry right the day one. No one in town is whom they seem and her two single neighbors both are courting her.

She is afraid of Brad, a police officer, because of her past encounters with the law; and she is drawn to David, the suave British computer geek. But who will see the real Tish and who will draw her into a web of i I really liked the twists and turns in this romantic mystery. But who will see the real Tish and who will draw her into a web of intrique and murder; that is the question? Sep 29, Frances rated it liked it Shelves: owned , contemporary , novel , ebook , mystery. I've been reading this on and off for a year, and finally finished it.

Cons: still slightly unbelievable reactions to marriage proposal, and the religion got heavy-handed towards the end of the book. Feb 15, Britney rated it liked it Shelves: taming-the-tbr , nookbooks. It was a good mystery, but the main character Tish Amble needs help.

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  • She can't make a good decision for anything. You just knew she was going to make the wrong decision everytime. Some people have a hard time with her because she comes off with a harsh attitude. The mystery flowed well throughout the story. It's a quick read if want to just sit a relax for a day.

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    View all 3 comments. This book turned out to be a great mystery. I had guessed it all wrong as I usually do. A story of dealing with the past and accepting forgiveness. Jan 20, Rebekah Tooley rated it really liked it Shelves: This was a great, clean, and exciting story. There was 1 semi detailed kiss and a very slight could have been insinuation. Feb 25, Jenika Ioffreda rated it did not like it. If only Amazon kindle would have classified this book as Christian literature I wouldn't have downloaded it and wasting time reading it… Nothing against Christian or any other religion, simply I have ZERO interest in reading about it.

    Luckily the religious part wasn't so strong as other books I had the misfortune to read and I managed to read it until the end. The beginning of the book was very intriguing and all elements very captivating: a funny and witty woman with a painful past buys 1. The beginning of the book was very intriguing and all elements very captivating: a funny and witty woman with a painful past buys a house where some sort of paranormal happenings are going on, two handsome neighbours, a town that seems full of mysteries…I ended up getting really engrossed in the story and curious to know more… but sadly from the second half of the book everything went downhill and the story became a "wtf?

    The "romance" made me laugh, in a bad way. She meets the two neighbours for a couple of days and the three of them speaks of love. I may appreciate the "love at first sight" events if they were well developed… but here they bordered on the hilarious again in a bad way. The whole "come to Church, we have cookies" annoyed me, plus a few elements were slightly unbelievable.

    I am not very knowledgeable of police proceedings in theme of murder, but it sounded a bit too strange the police let her live again in her house without problems after a body was discovered there. The investigation in the area was just for a couple of days? A body was discovered there! The ending was quite interesting and I liked the writing style at least in the first half of the book so I would be happy to try and read more works by this author… if they are not Christian literature and the stories are better developed. Jan 20, Y. Lee rated it it was ok.

    This was okay. It started off very slowly, but rather than put it aside which I don't like to do, I did some speed reading, which was enough to give me the jist of the story. It was reasonably well written, but I struggled to jell with any of the characters. I found the main character Tish quite confusing and at times annoying. However, one character I did like was police officer Brad.

    I hate basements, so that kept my interest. There were some spooky elements to the story and the ending was good This was okay. There were some spooky elements to the story and the ending was good and came as a surprise. On the whole, not bad. Jan 20, Nancy Pretty rated it did not like it Shelves: wtlc-done. Not sure where to start Christian Fiction is a stretch first of all. No character development, unnecessary character introductions, no follow through Went from having no relationships to two in a very short time frame.. Struggled to finish. Dec 30, Kathryn A.

    Trying too hard. This story was mediocre at best. She is trying way too hard to be Nora Roberts and failing miserably. Disjointed and confusing. No plans to read the second installment. Super read! I truly enjoyed Nicole Young's superb mystery! The story kept me guessing all the way through!

    I will certainly read Book 2!

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    • Very good book Was a very good book. Slow at times but toward the end I couldn't stop reading. Glad to have finished tonight. I can't finish this. It started off to be pretty decent, but that became boring and nonsensical. Aug 04, Samantha rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , mystery. I must say, the ending did surprise me. It's a good thing.

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      But from the beginning, I did guess who she might end with. Enjoyable book. I like her imperfect character. Entertaining I enjoyed this book Good mystery and the main character was funny. I recommend this book. Definitely A Twist I can't decide if I like the end or not. Great start in this series.

      Feb 12, Lillian D. This story was romantic but it was so difficult for me to understand. The words in it made no sense to me but the plot was good. I liked how Tish was trying to be positive but she knew things were happening and I am guessing she just felt scared and worried about her friends.

      I do not think David is a "Dating" Type of person either I think he is more better into work instead. I did like how they all came together and Victorian is the main character by the way. May 07, Rachel Thompson rated it liked it Shelves: christian , romance , mystery. I downloaded a free copy of this book for my Sony e-reader. Tish travels the country or maybe just the state of Michigan fixing up old houses and flipping them for a profit. Sounds like an awesome way to make a living, but really she's just running from her past, hoping that no one finds out the truth she's trying to avoid.

      Right off the bat she meets sexy neighbor, David. With a British accent and handsome looks, what's not to like? He's smooth, sophisticated, and just getting served divorce p I downloaded a free copy of this book for my Sony e-reader. He's smooth, sophisticated, and just getting served divorce papers after his wife took off a year ago. There's also a hunky cop living on the other side of the fence, but Tish doesn't deal well with cops since she spent three years in the joint. I didn't even know this was the first of a series until I'd finished reading the book. The plot started off well enough, but lost me completely about halfway through.

      This is, at first glance, a mystery. Right after moving into her creepy new Victorian, Tish thinks she sees the outline of a body cemented into the bottom of her cistern. Her contractors and neighbor cop, Brad, just think she's plain batty. When they take a look, they only see concrete. Still, Tish can't shake the feeling that there's a body buried in her basement. That's all well and good. I liked Tish's jumpy personality -- this is a mystery that read more like a paranormal novel.

      Bon Iver - I Can't Make You Love Me / Nick of Time

      Tish's house isn't really haunted, but it still manages to give off that creepy vibe. I don't think the author was skillful enough to pull off the scary moments at the beginning of the book, but she did try. I still enjoyed the writing enough to read through this book quickly -- I found it difficult to put it down. However, the romance angle that was thrown into the book was terrible.

      Just awful. I'm not sure how much time has passed, but it can't be more than two or three months, since the story takes place in the span between Halloween and Christmas. I don't see how someone can think it's okay to treat themselves poorly but it's okay to treats someone they love differently. It would end up with a very unhealthy, lopsided relationship. Like I mentioned in another comment this article seems to be aimed towards teens or those who are, for a lack of a better term, emotionally inept. And to those I say, treat yourself well and love yourself as much as you hope and want someone else to treat and love you!

      He spoke about Narcissism ,but what's the return on the person that did alot of investing on that person It could drive them crazy as well. Loving someone doesn't necessarily have to mean in a romantic relationship. We also love our friends, but in a more platonic way. Essentially, the foundation of every romantic relationship is a close friendship. We share experiences with each other, do things together, talk about our feelings, etc. The big difference between platonic friendship and romantic relationships is the serious commitment. When you have a serious commitment with someone else, that means you have to provide a fair share of your love and resources to help the other person.

      Friends can do this as well, but it's not as strings-attached. That's why I've believed that the best way to pursue love is by first establishing a solid friendship, which many overlook. Thank you so much for writing this. Thank you. I myself have tried to help others understand the reasons that I feel the "love yourself before you can expect anyone to love you" cliche is illogical.

      If a person truly loves you they will love you until you learn to love yourself. And my gut instinct tells me that I wouldn't want to be with anyone who wouldn't love me if I didn't love myself. In my opinion, it's just the type of thing that people say when they are being dismissive and condescending. Or it's another way of saying you should learn to love yourself because it's not guaranteed that anyone else will. I agree with the artical, this lie has to stop. It's like people are discouraging you to waste time trying to love yourself first before someone else can love u back.

      Well don't the the plants and other living creatures on earth needs nature to survive yes with out these earthly resources we will all die early and heartbroken.

      Lana Del Rey Puts Haunting Spin on Madonna's 'Evita' Ballad 'You Must Love Me'

      You would not be here if someone did not give love a chance or try right well there u go. We need each other point blank stop letting religous books keep you in the dark continue to love and it would be returned. Be yourself around others and be honest. Folks are out to destroy and kill those that's loving others before themselves and that's how we grow as people.

      The 'love yourself before you can love others' thing implies that one needs to be practically immune to the need for companionship, or that they need to be at a magical level of self love before the porspect of someone loving them is even on the horizon. The biggest qualm I have about the 'love yourself first' advice is that people are often way too vague, and don't even stop to think about whether issues about 'not loving yourself' are actually playing a part. It's also quite presumptious. If someone has a complaint about loneliness, is tormented by anagging fear of never finding love, it certainly doesn't provide much comfort and may not be useful for one's situation.

      For people who do give 'life yourself' type advice, unless you know the person's situaiton, and are sure that issues related to low self-esteem are the reasons that are getting in the way, you're better-off not dishin out this advice but trying to understand why someone feels worried about never finding love and putting yourself in their shoes. I agree this article was a breath of fresh air, as we've always been told the opposite. However, it also makes me feel worse about myself because now I can't hide behind the fact that I don't love myself.

      I have come across this saying more in the 'New Age' Community I've got to the point that I find it irksome and annoying. I've known people who absolutely loathe themselves but they still manage to find love or relationships. Without love we are nothing! As the saying goes,' the greatest thing in life is to love and be loved in return.

      I once worked with a woman, she'd had never had a relationship or boyfriend and sometimes she could be abrupt and quite nasty with people. Then one day, she met someone and started dating and myself and other colleagues couldn't believe how much her personality changed to a friendly, happy person. It was incredible, that's the power of love and someone coming into your life and making it worthwhile. I find the people who use the got to love yourself first line are people who have had a fairly easy life without many struggles.

      One of the truisms of our self-involved and narcissistic society is that we have to love ourselves before we can be loved or love others. But that isolates us, and makes us selfish and self-indulgent When we love others,we see our love reflected back at us.

      And we feel more worthy. It works. This is what my Godfather did for me, tirelessly and enthusiastically, for six years! Not only did he save my life when I was chronically ill, 30 pounds underweight because my liver was shutting down, C-PTSD related , he also empowered me to stand on my own two feet again! I am a survivor of child abuse and I am a survivor of domestic violence. All I want to do now is I absolutely agree. And to those who say you cannot give love if you don't love yourself: you don't give the love for yourself to others, that is narcissism.

      You give the love you feel for them! Big difference. I hope people with so big egos will recognize it once Otherwise, how could anybody love anybody? A baby has no love for itself beacuse it doesn't even know it exists But smiles at it's Mom and welcomes Dad and so on So how could anybody love themselves or others when babies come to the world without the feeling of love, yet they will feel it later?

      Self-love comes from somewhere, it can develope, but love for others does the same and there is no connection between the two. Maybe the other way around, those who love themselves so much are not very capable of loving others.

      Funeral Poem: To Those Whom I Love And Those Who Love Me

      I benefit from your article! Although I myself practice self-love every day. From body self-care, daily running, mind decluttering to everything I can do in order to be back to myself, love myself, but I also experience what you write. My ex is 14 years older than me and he loved me with his care and generousity. Two years being in love with him I healed a lot. You are right when saying that being loved by others benefits when we are minded of how lovable we are. Forgetting that we deserve the love from ourselves for such a long time then someone comes to our lives to remind that is such a blessing!

      I do believe its a bit of a myth that you "must" love yourself , before you can love someone else, or be loved.. This Love yourself stuff, is a example of how a saying or proverb , or whatever, becomes popular.. I dont believe you have to love yourself to love another, or be loved.

      I think it helps yes.. If i'm having a good time and feeling happy , and some person walks in and behaves like a jerk and upsets me and everyone else with their bad attitude.. I dont have to "Hate " myself in order to properly hate that person.. If someone i meet for the first time is very kind , and loving towards me.. So the article is true in a sense.. I dont have to hate myself to hate another.. Lol The two are very much alike.. The point is , be carefull buying into sayings like this just because they're popular , and sound pretty.. Lol We tend to hold that wich is popular in this social media world, far above that wich is "True".. Don't post this article, if there are at least 3 other articles that say the complete opposite.

      I swear, people on Psychology Today are morons Not everyone in this world finds love. Not all love is true love. People get strung along and all other forms of screwery. This article and the comments were interesting to read, and I personally am tired of this "Love yourself before anyone can love you. But consider this. Not everyone finds love. Some people will go through their whole lives without finding anyone that loves them. I take this whole 'Love yourself first' "cliche" to mean not to depend on others to love you.

      Those who put their reliance and dependence on getting love from a source that only gives them disgust and hatred are really in for a long hellish life which often results in suicide. I used to think that I needed someone else to love me before I could "love myself", but now, i don't even think I need to love myself.

      All I need is to not hate myself But really, loving yourself is not some warm romantic fuzzies. Loving yourself is more like taking care of yourself, respecting yourself, making sure that you have a healthy life with healthy boundaries. I was alone, hated myself, and in my extended isolation, became jaded and hated everyone else around me all while keeping it all inside. Barton Goldsmith, Ph. Being alone in your own head can be a little disquieting.

      One of the best tools we have as humans is the ability to feel empathy. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. Hoarding Barton Goldsmith Ph. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. Connect with me on LinkedIn. The proverb "one need to love Submitted by Mark on December 20, - pm.