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Why carry a simple pen when you can step out with a virtual wrecking crew in the palm of your hand? That was the question we posed as we launched the Impromptu Tactical Pen this month and immediately Allison with FoxNews. The piece ran on the FoxNews. I own several of these penz and have given them out as gifts as well. There are a couple of points: A: the ink. The Rite in the Rain and Fisher refills both work inside and do what they are supposed to do. Each brand cartridge has its own writing 'personality' how fluid, resistance to drag, etc so try both and see which you like.

B: There are a lot of reviews that mention the clunky action.

Schubert: Impromptu, Opus 90, No. 2: Piano Sheet: Franz Schubert

I have experienced this, but it is a non-issue. The more you use the pen, the smoother it gets. C: The cerakote finish will wear. One of my pens was carried beside a multi-tool via pocket clip. The finish shows obvious wear. Gerber- how about adding O. I would love to buy another one of these pens. I really liked this pen. The heft was nice and it felt good in the hand. Unfortunately, after traveling thru 4 different airports, the 5th decided that it was a dangerous item and not allowed as carry-on.

In closing, pen was nice and TSA sucks. I have carried this pen on duty as a law enforcement officer and now as a technician. I purchased the pen in and have carried it daily. The finish has worn off and I have replaced the ink cartridge countless times. I have extracted victims from vehicles utilizing the glass break and it performs flawlessly. The clicker mechanism sucks. It has sucked since I first purchased it and still only works 40 percent of the time.

It's disappointing and frustrating but past that I love the pen. Hopefully Gerber will be able to correct this flaw in design. If they do I'll buy the "2. I love everything about this pen, except the cap. Once you deploy the ink cartridge the cap rattles making noise, which could be an issue in a situation.

I would find a way to correct that, Gerber, but other than that, damn fine pen. I have had one of these pens for three years. The only problem I've ever had is the 'clicker'. Upon full and detailed inspection, I can report that this is actually two things: It is a defect in the pen opening, adjacent the glass break tip and the barrel in that hole which is at such a narrow margin to the ink sizes which are recommended for the pen that they get stuck.

It is not the clicker which is the problem, its the hole at the other end not allowing smooth entry and exit of the pen ink shaft. Secondly, the pen inks recommended for this pen, Rite in the Rain, have a significant variance between inks which seems to be getting worse, or the pen's aperture is getting narrower affects the area of the pen shaft immediately distal to the pen tip. There is a slight bulge for about 3 mm along the pen shaft that gets stuck in the pen's aperture. So, in closing there is a mismatch between the supposed and recommended Rite in the Rain refills and the pen's design which ultimately renders the pen worthless I'm currently looking at mine and the three Rite in the Rain inks which are now leaking from trying to force the ends through the narrow hole in the hope that the pen aperture could grind down the pen ink shaft bulge enough for it to clear the sides Gerber, fix the design or find another suitable refillable ink.

And if the defect is actually caused by the fact that I've dropped the pen a few times and it has subjected the pen tip to stresses that have deformed the opening, then at least give me an option to buy another tip for goodness sake! The pen is very nice; however, when you engage the pen to write, the cap rattles. That isn't very "tactical". It should be quiet in all facets of operation.

It's also a bit heavy, but I guess that is expected. This is by far the best pen I have ever owned. I use it daily for my job.


Heavy duty and never had a problem in the 3 years I have had it. Probably gonna buy another. I normally shy away from negative reviews for products, and indeed I was not intending to write one, however, the numerous complaints regarding the clicker are true. However, the clicker rarely worked the first time; typically it took 3 or 4 clicks for it to stay open and sometimes as many to get it to close. I submitted my warranty claim hoping the defect was in fact fixed, but as many of the poor reviews are from , I expect I will be given a replacement with the same defect.

At this point depending on the cost to ship it back, I may not even bother, instead choosing to spend my money on a competitor's product. I love this pen. Yeah the clicker could be a little more robust but all in all this pen works great in the lab. A little weighty but that keeps people from stealing it. Thinking about buying a gray or tan pen. Very disappointed that the tip of the pen keeps unwinding. Often find the tip, spring and ink cartridge in the bottom of my pocket. Worried I will lose a part sooner or later.

How can I secure it? Agree with Robert, had this pen in my backpack and was told at the TSA security checkpoint it is not authorized for carry on. Great pen that I have used around the world…. I bought this for work as I kept breaking other plastic pens all the time. The pen itself is as advertised. Its heavy, it writes in any orientation and just looks plain cool. Either the clicker doesn't go down or it goes down and stays down I did get to use the glass breaker to smash a mirror to fit into a garbage can though which was oddly satisfying.

The Impromptu Tactical Pen seems designed for abuse. Even the internals of the click mechanism are metal and the removable pocket clip has indents in the pen body to position it and keep it from rotating. Comfortable to write with and balanced well. No problems writing with gloves on and clicks every time without missing a beat!

Rite in the Rain ink cartridge is a definite plus as well. First off, I'm comparing my benchmade to the Gerber. Gerber comes with write in the rain ink but you can swap it out with the Fisher space cartridges standard on benchmade. Both are weighty pens. I did like the location of the glass breaker on my bench but here's the truth the cap was clumsy and rattled on the other end. Push button rocks.

Price rocks. If your into flash go with the benchmade if your actually going to EDC your pen go with the Gerber. Like I said I use a Fisher cartridge and have had no problem with the clicker. One suggestion I did use loctite on the clip screw put not on the point of the pen. Enjoy and save yourself a hundred bucks. Good job Gerber. I carried this pen on patrol for close to two years before the pocket clip broke. This pen was dropped, thrown, kicked, stepped on, and otherwise treated poorly. When pen tip failed to retract, a reopening of the pen tip opening fixed the issue.

The pen is easy to write with despite the glass breaker location. Pen was great until the clicking mechanism stopped working..

Reasons to fear impromptu speaking

Love the weight and shape. But there are two problems 1: the clicking mechanism does NOT work 2: if it did work the glass breakers tip is to close to the pens tip. Had this pen as I am a mechanic I love the weight and design but sadly very upset that this is the outcome of the money spent. Bought the pen for its durability, but it failed on the first day.

The clicking mechanism is useless. Great for poking something but fails as an actual writing pen. I loved this pen until the click mechanism began to fail all the time. I bought this pen because I like click pens and wanted a high quality pen but it only took 6 months before it turned out to be junky. I am very unhappy with this product! Pretty good but had several issues, for starters the rite in the rain cartridge that was included with mine was empty, next the click mechanism often has problems and scratches up the refill, maybe filing down the opening and re-greasing the button will do the trick but this should be from the factory.

I have three of these pens. Of these three, two of them have thin walled tips, both of which fell, hit the ground, and are no longer easily usable. The third has a thicker tip, which makes it the best of the three. Are there two versions of the same thing? If so, which one came first - the cheap one, or the good one?

Im a contractor and have never had a pen for more that a week before I broke or I lost it. I have had this pen for two years no issues at all except the pocket clip. No issues at all with the spring it has worked flawlessly in pretty harsh conditions. It is heavy and anytime someone borrows it to write something they remark about the quality, It is one of the only tactical pens I have owned that functions in both rolls perfectly. I bought a spare just in case because it is the only thing I carry every day besides my wallet and phone.

Someone once asked for a pen and several people offered to loan one and after using mine by chance the guy held it up looked at everyone recited the old line from Crocidile dundee and substituting pen for knife said thats not a pen mate , this is a pen. I always had plenty of compliments on it and I really liked how it wrote.

As you can see, there's a but coming and here it is. Like everyone else, the click mechanism failed! I either get the ink cartridge pointed all the way out or it doesn't stick out at all. I shouldn't have to beat my pen up to get it to work, especially after paying this much for it! Looks like I'll be shopping for a competitors replacement. This pen really great except for the fact that the clicker only works when it wants to. It often gets stuck in the down position and has to be disassembled it to fix the issue.

I've had this pen since and it's still going strong. I noticed at one point the pen was sticking but that was because I dropped it on its tip and the metal bent in slightly. All it took was a little file and the issue was gone. My only complaint is the Rite-in-the-Rain ink cartridge is only ok. I've used R-i-t-R brand for years now and I've never liked the way they write - not always very smooth.

But it is nice to have when the weather is a factor. Overall - this is a great pen and I love the way it looks now that it is worn and beaten up from use. I get lots of compliments on it. I love this pen I just found it at the bank! I was playing with it and didn't screw the top back on right and the clicker messed up. But if you look closely there are little notches the clip has to be in to sit flush. I read a lot of reviews saying the clicker sucked but I feel strongly these people just didn't line up the clip right.

It was off balance and wasn't plunging straight up and down.

Impromptu No. 3 (Schubert) (Download)

This pen is sheer awesomeness Like many others, this is a great pen with great weight and versatility. But, within months the clicker stopped working and now it's a paper weight! Not sure what to do with It now? I would love to have one that works. I won't buy it with all these dissatisfied customers.

I Gerber pocket knifes, I own 3 of them. No issues with them. Thank God. Don't leave home without it. I have I can't write with anything else I'm hooked! Best damn pen I ever owned. A Real Man's Pen! As a defensive tool this pen is outstanding. Less than a year July ! I bought 3 others for friends.

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Can't wait to hear from them. I guess the search continues. From below freezing to over degree days, in the rain, dropped in the dirt, sand, wet concrete, and off bridges this pen has kept going without issue. The product is great and extremely tough.

Both my wife and I carry them all the time. It would be great to offer it without the glass breaker as many carry other tools for that. Additionally the glass breaker can catch on the fabric of of clothing and uniforms. Solid build, no issues with the retractable cartridge, but wow this thing is closer to 4oz then it is 1. Got this pen off of amazon. It arrived january 9th and I started carrying in both on and off duty in my pocket just like the description says you can. Well it writes just fine, seems the clicker works half the time with the inability to retract the pen unless you spin it around.

Somewhat of a pain especially when as a fireman I may have only one hand free. The "Cerakote" coating literally had started to fail 12 days into me owning it and I haven't even used it in harsh conditions yet. Actually pisses me off to spend a decent amount of money on a good pen and now it looks like crap. Gerber was contacted on January 26th for a warranty claim, not sure if they want the pen shipped back to them or not, however I am reluctant to send it back to them would think they would just send out another one. Gerber needs to rework the clicker and find another coating that's a whole lot tougher.

As with many others on this review, the pen clicker has failed, almost immediately on opening, it never, ever worked.

Impromptu Tactical Pen

I contacted Gerber and they didn't have the decency to reply. Poor workmanship and crap customer care. I was going to buy a selection of knives from them, but if they're as bad as these pens, forget it. Bought 3 total pens so far. Will try the warranty but would love a better quality pen for the price? Awesome pen, because of the steel body it is heavy, but im used it now. Writes smooth. I wish the glass breaker was tungsten carbide glass-breaker and dlc coating. Other than that, its a great edc pen. One of the best tactical pen! It's really cool! But need DLC coating and tungsten carbide glass-breaker. Not allowed to carry firearms in my job, so any defensive advantage makes me feel a little better prepared. I whipped this pen around like a Chinese broad-sword when I got it, and it still writes beautifully!

Have not had the opportunity to break a windshield yet, hopefully one will present itself. No, you may not borrow my pen! But if make the glass-breaker tip from tungsten carbide it's would be best of the best! Quite solid and my friends are quite impressed I used parker and Miko refill because I don't fell like using their refill as it is rare Their refill is good and the gas in the refill pushes the ink out no matter how much pressure I put.

The weight and thickness was easy to get used to. I too had problems with the button not coming back up unless I twisted the top button. That is a big hassle. I just opened my pen up and found that the white plastic piece, a part of standard rite in the rain cartridges was broken into multiple pieces. What I wonder, is whether Gerber could work with Rite-in-the-Rain or something in order to assemble a durable metal replacement for this plastic piece? If that's possible, it may solve the issue of the button not reliably operating and all you'd have to do when replacing a cartridge would be to throw out the plastic bit and keep using the metal replacement.

If this solves the pen's reliability problem, I would gladly buy it. I rated the pen four stars instead of five since the pen's ruggedness seems too much for the plastic part of the ink cartridges, which admittedly is more a problem with the cartridge than the pen itself. I'd love to hear what Gerber thinks of my idea for their pen.

I want to love this pen. In every way but one, it is an amazing tactical pen. I love it's more traditional width, as it isn't abnormally wide like most tac pens.