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Publishes original papers on all topics in which theoretical physics and mathematics interact with each other. Publishing high-quality papers, presenting innovative ideas that could lead to new methods, directions, or understanding in various fields of science. Original research papers and survey articles on all areas of pure mathematics and theoretical applied mathematics. Publishing papers of the highest quality, spanning the range of mathematics with an emphasis on pure mathematics.

High-quality papers on subjects related to classical analysis, partial differential equations, algebraic geometry, differential geometry, and topology. High-quality papers on subjects including information and coding theory, cryptology, decision and estimation, control theory, mathematical system theory, signal and image processing, bioinformatics, and much more. Modern applied mathematics in the fields of modeling, applied and stochastic analyses and numerical computation—on problems that arise in physical, biological, engineering, and financial applications.

Microlocal Methods in Mathematical Physics and Global Analysis | Daniel Grieser | Springer

Focused on the applications of number theory in the broadest sense to theoretical physics. Publishing novel results in the areas of partial differential equations and dynamical systems in general, with priority given to dynamical system theory or dynamical aspects of partial differential equations.

Focused upon homology and homotopy within algebra and topology, and as applied to the mathematical sciences. Publishing high-quality research papers on all branches of combinatorics and related areas, dealing with the structural, as well as algorithmic, aspects of these subjects. Publishing the latest research in differential geometry and related areas of differential equations, mathematical physics, algebraic geometry, and geometric topology.

Dedicated to rapid publication of complete papers of original research in all areas of mathematics. Covering the development of mathematical foundations, modeling, and computational techniques related to data. A Chinese-language magazine presenting scientific news and advances, while introducing the history of various ideas that have brought together mathematics and science, and advocating the fusion of mathematics with science, history and culture.

Publishing high-quality papers on topics within the broad area of pure and applied analysis, ranging from applications to different branches of natural sciences and engineering.

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The official periodical of the ICCM organization. Bringing news, research, and presentation of various perspectives related to Chinese mathematics development and education. For all who are interested in following Chinese mathematics.

2 Ruediger - Stochastic Integration & SDEs

Finite groups, topological groups, representation theory, cohomology, classification and structure. Biographies, philosophy of mathematics, mathematics education, recreational mathematics, communication of mathematics. IT is an alias for cs. Covers theoretical and experimental aspects of information theory and coding. Algebraic and topological K-theory, relations with topology, commutative algebra, and operator algebras.

Conferences and Meetings on Mathematical Physics

MP is an alias for math-ph. Mathematical methods in quantum field theory, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, condensed matter, nuclear and atomic physics. Euclidean, hyperbolic, discrete, convex, coarse geometry, comparisons in Riemannian geometry, symmetric spaces. Prime numbers, diophantine equations, analytic number theory, algebraic number theory, arithmetic geometry, Galois theory. Numerical algorithms for problems in analysis and algebra, scientific computation. Operations research, linear programming, control theory, systems theory, optimal control, game theory.

Organized by N. Raymond, K. Pravda-Starov, S. Ruelle and Y. Princeton University. Damanik, V. Organized by G. Benfatto, M. Lombardo, V. Mastropietro, A.

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Researchers at all levels are invited to apply. The deadline for applications is March 1st, Feb 9 —14 51st Winter School of Theoretical Physics, "Irreversible dynamics: nonlinear, nonlocal and non-Markovian manifestations" Feb. Chen and D. Application deadline: July 15, A four day conference exploring the frontiers of mathematical physics on the occasion of Antti Kupiainen's 60th birthday will be organized in Helsinki, June The annual Einstein lectures, organized by the Albert-Einstein Society Bern and the University of Bern are dedicated, in turn, to physics, mathematics, and philosophy.

Geometry, Physics and Probability

This is a tribute to Einstein's interests and to the fact that he completed his most famous works in Bern. There are three lectures every evening , the first and the last designed for a general audience. The school will take place in Lawler's Hotel, Dungarvan. The speakers are: Prof.

Henrik Johannesson Gothenburg , Dr. Mark Wilde State Univ. Louisianna and Dr.

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Nilanjana Datta Cambridge. Lee, Nicolai Friis, Sara O. Mexico City.