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David Gary Wright in High School, About making pots. I learned the skill of wheel throwing in high school and I have been throwing for thirty-three years now - a long time.

All of the work that I make is handmade. It is my intention that people use the pots that I make for which ever creative and useful purpose they can imagine: be it a pitcher to pour coffee, a mug to hold pencils or a teapot to water the flowers. Ultimately, people find, use, and enjoy things that bring meaning and usefulness to their lives.

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As my pots are handmade, each of the pots, though similar, is never actually the same - like people. Artist Statement.

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  • Exploring Electric Kiln Techniques.
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I have tried to resolve the requirements of usage, while creating a personal form vocabulary that expresses my interest in organic form, ancient weaponry, aquatic life, animals, Eros, invention, and ceramic history. Although the inspiration for my pottery comes from a variety of sources, they are abstracted and rarely literal. My pots are often inventive and mysterious, and require the user to investigate, discover, and recognize their potential for use in the home.

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  5. This "adventure" is intended to help broaden the users mind regarding the possibilities of pottery form, while questioning the perceptions of utilitarian objects and the traditions they are built upon. By exaggerating, minimizing and reorganizing specific pottery elements such as body, handle, and spout, the pots become visually and aesthetically powerful within a personal scale and context.

    Exploring Electric Kiln Techniques

    I often use red or beige colored clays that are fired in an oxidation atmosphere. Decoration, form, and function collaborate to deliver a unique experience with everyday objects. The ceramics specialization track allowed her to intensely explore the world of clay—spending two years researching and reimagining prehistoric and primitive pottery techniques. Upon graduation, she moved to Tampa, where she currently teaches art and ceramics at a city art studio.

    The utilitarian work she creates is made on the pottery wheel, painted with underglazes and liners, and fired in an electric kiln. Her designs explore the interactions of lines and geometric shapes arranged in methodical patterns or casual whereabouts.

    David Gary Wright

    She draws inspiration from architecture and infrastructure, natural landscapes, and primitive motifs. Through her functional ceramic art, she hopes to conjure joy and thoughtfulness in the everyday activities of life. One may consider the coffee when the mug is considerable; appreciate the vibrancy of an apple when it is elevated; care more for the meal in the carefully crafted bowl.