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An infestation was detected in the City of Boulder in September Many ash trees in Colorado are drought stressed and planted in alkaline soils.

Can We Save Ash Trees from the Emerald Ash Borer?

Determining an emerald ash borer presence is often difficult to the untrained eye. Symptoms include:.

Learn more about EAB early dectection in words, images and maps by viewing the interactive story map below. The best management option depends on the value of the tree to a landowner, and the costs associated with each option. Options for treating at-risk or infest trees include removal, replacement and chemical treatments.

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Green Menace-Emerald Ash Borer

Symptoms include: Sparse leaves or branches in the upper part of the tree Vertical splits in bark possibly showing S-shaped galleries underneath Increased woodpecker activity Miniature leaves at the tips of branches late in the summer For more detailed information about identifying ash trees, tips on what people can do about EAB, and other resources, please visit our Emerald Ash Borer EAB — A Green Menace page.

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Loss of habitat and food for other species. Extremely harmful to urban and rural biodiversity.

Coping with the emerald ash borer

Loss of valuable timber that is used for furniture, building and recreational products. How to Identify Emerald Ash Borer Trees appear to be thinning at the crown, dead branches and yellowing of leaves. Adults emerge from a D-shaped exit hole between mid May and late June. Adults are metallic blue-green.


Bodies are narrow and 8. Larvae are a creamy white colour with a light brown head.